Accessories that have become masterpieces are the most expensive necklaces

August 17, 2023

In addition to paintings, sculptures, and poems, there is another type of artwork, namely, the author's jewelry. Luxurious necklaces, elegant brooches, exquisite earrings and regal tiaras embody the spirit of the era, serve as an object of admiration in museums and private collections, help to imagine the appearance of majestic beauties of the past. Masters who create filigree weaves of metal, sprinkled with sparkling precious stones, devote no less time and effort to them than inspired poets or talented sculptors. The history of these things is no less interesting - for their sake they risked their lives, betrayed, even stepped on the scaffold! . At, we celebrate the dedication of the masters who intricately weave metals and adorn them with sparkling precious stones in the creation of these stunning adornments

Necklaces have always been one of the most popular pieces of jewelry. Gradually, their appearance changed, obeying the capricious laws of fashion. But even before, necklaces were made from the rarest and most valuable gems by the most qualified and experienced jewelers. Beautiful works were very expensive, which is why only aristocrats - queens, princesses, princesses - could afford such accessories. Therefore, each work has its own legend. Learn about them from this article!

A diamond necklace that belonged to Catherine the Great.

And this list, prepared for you by our online jewelry store, begins with the diamond necklace of the Russian empress. In museum catalogs, it is listed as the "Imperial Diamond Necklace of Catherine the Great". But this name cannot fully convey all the beauty and attractiveness of the product!

Wrapping tightly around the neck, the jewelry consists of 27 large diamonds surrounded by smaller diamonds. Her clasp, which should be placed between the collarbones, is an elegant bow, in the center of which is the largest stone.

After the death of the tsarina, the necklace was kept in the Winter Palace, and later it was sent to Moscow. After the October Revolution of 1917, the accessory was sold to Great Britain, where it became part of the royal jewelry collection. And recently, this unique item was put up for auction at Sotheby's, where its price was $1.5 million.

Necklace of Marie Antoinette

The wonderful decoration consists of 630 stones with a total weight of 2,500 carats! A chain of round diamonds wraps around the neck, and drop-shaped pendants descend from it. At chest level, there are four more rows sprinkled with relatively small diamonds, which end in decorative tassels. Two of them are connected by an agraph - an openwork detail in the form of a flower.

This necklace, like all the most expensive jewelry in the world, has its own legend. Take at least the name - despite the fact that many believe that this product belonged to the last queen of France, in fact, Marie Antoinette never wore it. And it was like this.

Louis XV ordered the accessory from the masters Behmer and Bassangi - he wanted to present it to his protégé, Madame Dubarry. But due to the fact that it took almost two years to make the masterpiece, the monarch did not have time to admire it, he contracted smallpox and died. Then the jewelers offered the jewel to his heir, Louis XVI. Although his wife Marie-Antoinette was fascinated by the beauty of the product, the bishop did not buy it - the difficult situation in the country did not allow him to pay the necessary 1.8 million livres.

But such a chance could not be missed by the court adventurer - Countess Jeanne de la Motte. She had long enjoyed the favor of Cardinal de Rogan, managing to get financial help from him not only for herself, but also for her husband. At that moment, the cardinal was in disgrace, so when Jeanne hinted to the clergyman that the queen herself wanted to meet him, he immediately went to Versailles. There, Rogan saw a woman very similar to Marie Antoinette with a covered face, who instructed him to secretly buy a necklace. She undertook to return the debt to the intermediary within two years, which is confirmed by the owner's signature. Even the famous magician Cagliostro approved the operation - he conducted a spiritualist session and finally convinced the cardinal. Rejoicing, he went to the craftsmen who made jewelry to order. Jeanne warned them in advance that a messenger from the queen should be expected soon - so when one appeared, Behmer even gave him a discount of 200,000 livres.

Necklace "L'Incomparable - Incomparable"

This product, created by the company "Mouawad", could decorate any jewelry store - only its price of $ 55 million makes it an impossible dream. In 2013, the necklace was even included in the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive accessory in the world.

The weight of the diamonds placed in it is 637 carats, and they are framed by an 18-carat rose gold frame. The accessory is decorated with 91 stones, but the main one is the world's largest dark yellow diamond weighing 407 carats. At the same time, after cutting, the weight of the crystal decreased by almost half - in its original form, its weight was 890 carats.

Necklace "Heart of the Kingdom Ruby"

This necklace has every chance to be liked by those women who love silver jewelry. The precious metal frame is set with 150 snow-white diamonds shimmering with an icy shine, and the product is crowned with a 41-carat ruby. A crimson crystal found in Burma is cut in the shape of a heart. The accessory belongs to the British Crown Jewels, so it is priceless. But the creators of the necklace - jewelry house "Garrard" - claim that its value is equal to $ 14 million.

"Coeur de la Mer" necklace

One of the most famous pieces of jewelry is a necklace that belonged to the heroine of the movie "Titanic". That is why jeweler Harry Winston made an exact replica of this product. In it, a 15-carat blue diamond, set in a setting of clear diamonds, sparkles and sparkles with all the colors of the ocean.

This necklace can also boast of beautiful owners. In particular, in 1998, Celine Dion wore it at the Academy Awards. Then her husband bought the jewelry at a charity auction and presented it to his wife.

Stylish necklaces and necklaces are a new trend

To keep up with fashion, you need to have at least one, and preferably several, necklaces in your jewelry box. They can be combined with business jackets and blouses, romantic dresses and even T-shirts! Of course, the most luxurious things should be left for formal events, but avant-garde, ethnic and classic pieces can be worn in any situation. They will bring a note of novelty and originality to the selected ensemble, demonstrate the good taste of its owner.

And our online store of silver jewelry will provide you with a wide selection of a wide variety of necklaces decorated with natural amber. The rich palette of shades of this Polish gem allows you to create unusual and attractive products, each of which will be unique and unique. These sophisticated, elegant, and high-quality works will transform your appearance, improve your mood and give you new strength!

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