Art Nouveau masterpieces - all about the famous paintings of Gustav Klimt

 August 2

There are many directions in design. And they should definitely be taken into account when choosing home decor because the impression your home will make depends on it. So, when going to buy a picture for the interior, you should find out in advance to which style it belongs.

Our article will tell you about the panels created by H. Klimt (1862-1918), the leading artist of the Vienna Secession. Although at that time the works of the master were considered provocative, now they are deservedly included in the lists of the greatest cultural achievements. What are these masterpieces? Read - and find out!

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"Judith and the Head of Holofernes" (1901)

This work, kept in the Belvedere Gallery, illustrates a biblical story in which a pious widow saved her native city from the Assyrians by seducing an enemy warlord and beheading him. A half-naked woman looks proud and arrogant, she is aware of her power over men and is ready to use it.

"Beethoven frieze" (1902)

The cycle of paintings dedicated to the great composer was created especially for the XIV exhibition "Association of Artists of the Vienna Secession". After the presentation, the installation written on the plaster was divided into 7 parts. In 1973, it was bought by the Austrian state for 15 million shillings.

"Three Ages of a Woman" by Gustav Klimt (1905)

The canvas symbolizes the cycle of life, contrasts youth and old age.

The painting was exhibited for the first time in 1910, and two years later it was acquired by the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome. The masterpiece is still there. And in 2003, a commemorative gold coin was issued in Italy, on which a fragment of the image is depicted.

"Portrait of Fritsia Riedler" (1906)

The work was commissioned by a state official. In the work of the master, it was possible to achieve an ideal balance between naturalism and volume - the strict geometry of the walls and the ornament on the chair emphasize the beauty of the scene. You can admire the painting in the Belvedere gallery (Vienna).

"Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer" (1907)

The portrait of his wife, also known as the "Austrian Mona Lisa", was commissioned by industrialist Ferdinand Bloch from the artist. The master drew more than 100 sketches before starting work on the masterpiece. The realistically drawn hands and face of a woman contrast with other elements made in an ornamental manner.

Adele bequeathed her Klimt paintings to the Belvedere Gallery. However, the beauty's husband did not fulfill her will due to the Nazi occupation. The museum managed to buy the works only in 1941, and in 1998 they were transferred to the legal heir - Maria Altman. Finally, in 2006, the portrait was purchased by the American businessman R. Lauder, paying $135 million. Since then, the masterpiece is in the New Gallery in New York.

"Hope II" (1907-1908)

Motifs of reviving life and mortal threat are interwoven in the work. A girl who resembles Madonna is dressed in a bright dress, but among the ornaments on the Podil you can see the skull and the faces of crying women.

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