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Finding Balance

| June 1,2022

What’s it like to live the climbing life, traveling overseas to summit huge mountains? We ask NRG climber and traveler Pat Goodman. All interview papers you may wish to download or read online have to go through through the additional editing.

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Singing in the Rain

| May 9, 2022

You haven’t lived until you’ve hiked in the rain.

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Songbirds Aplenty

| May 2, 2022

Spring birding—like, right now— in the New River Gorge is spectacular. Grab your binoculars and turn them up to the trees.

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Hiking Trail Guide

Hiking Trail Guide

The New River Gorge has dozens of beautiful, high quality trails for the view-seeking wanderer to the rugged hiker.

Got cabin fever? Do what Alaskans do.

Get inspiration from residents of our northernmost state to get out and get some exercise, despite the cold.


How To Build an Adventurer

A replay of a worthwhile article on getting kids outdoors to learn to do the things we love to do.

Step It Up

How to climb better in the New River Gorge


What’s SUP?

What’s SUP?

Wondering what the fuss about Stand Up Paddleboarding is all about? Read here to find out.

The Moans and Shrieks of Semi-Frozen Trainees And Other Stories

Guide one day and you’ve got a story to tell. Read on for guide tales from the river, trail, zipline, and fishing boat.


Get Ready for Gauley!

Bring on the most fun you can have sitting down.

Three Authors, Three Picks: River, Rock, Trail

Three New River Gorge area authors pick their favorite routes, runs, and trails in the NRG


Tips for the Trail

Tips for the Trail

Turn your ride up a notch with these mountain biking tips for New River Gorge terrain.

How I Bike Down to 0 Degrees and Like It

“Are you not freezing?” “How do you stand riding when it is this cold?” “You are crazy!” I get these comments all the time.


Bridge Day

Highlights from annual single span steel arch bridge bash.

Catching Things That Fall: Bridge Day River Rescue

What’s it like to be on the Bridge Day River Rescue Team, braving cold water and Snapple bombs all day? Read here to find out.