Look Down: New River Gorge Bridge Day

| October 13,

Join those who take advantage of the once-a-year opportunity to walk on the 876-foot-high, 3,030-foot-long New River Gorge Bridge. Make your way to the center of the bridge, where BASE jumpers (parachutists who specialize in jumping off of Bridges, Antennaes, Structures, and Earth) step off a platform and aim for a landing zone on the river bank.

Keep your eye on a 16-foot diving board—jumpers willing to put on a show use this to get more spring for tricks. And, for the 3rd year in a row, wait for a daredevil to climb in the catapult, a pneumatically loaded 12-foot long steel arm that hurls experienced BASE jumpers even higher. The catapult this year is a new and improved version that will launch jumpers more than 50 feet over the bridge railing every 10 or 15 minutes. For more details, visit officialbridgeday.com.

Bridge Day Schedule

Friday, October 17    
5:00–9:00pm: Taste of Bridge Day 
Smokies on the Gorge, Ames Heights, WV

Sample cheesecakes, seafood bisques, soups, jambalaya, and more at an annual competition between area restaurants.

Saturday, October 18 

9:00am–3:00pm: The New River Gorge Bridge is open

Walk out onto the Bridge to watch the BASE jumpers take a step into 876-feet of air between the bridge and the river below.

2:30–6:00pm: Bridge Day Cornbread & Chili Cook-Off
and Fall Festival
Court Street, Downtown Fayetteville

Taste test traditional and non-traditional chilis and cornbread, vote for your favorites, and listen to the groovy sounds of the Lilly Mountaineers.

Look UP

How do you get to the bottom to watch the parachutes wafting down?  Forget about driving yourself—the road down is closed on Bridge Day.

Three Options for Going Below:

1. Walk the 4-mile stretch of road from US 19 to the banks of the New River.  Remember, you’ll need to walk back up.

2.  Purchase an Into the Gorge shuttle bus pass for a ride to the New River near the landing zone and back up ($20, preregistration required, 800-927-0263).

3. Take a guided 2 hour tour down under the bridge with a Down Under Tour. A box lunch and t-shirt are included. Preregistration is required
($65, 800-927-0263).

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